CA-508 Panel booster all update Information with details

CA-508 Panel booster all update Information with details

Today here in this post I will tell you about the CA-508 Panel booster all updated Information with details. If you need details information about this panel booster module read this article very carefully and know the actual fact of the LCD LED TV Panel booster.

Before I explain about this CA-508 panel booster I would like to tell you about our service. here we will provide you electronics-related all information and electronics gadgets repairing techniques. If you are an electronics technician or if you are an electronics student this site will help you a lot to get information about electronics.

But this article I write based on the CA-508 panel booster which Is used for LCD LED TV Panel Modification. To get more information about this follow the below information.

What is CA-508 Panel Booster?

CA-508 is an electronics circuit board that is called a panel booster module. Because using this module we modify the LCD LED TV panel and repair the panel problem.

Actually this module we use when we getting voltage missing in the panel PCB, that time using this module we provide that particular voltage in the panel PCB and fix the problem.

Advantage of CA-508 Panel Booster Module

  • Easy to install in any normal LCD LED TV Panel.
  • Input voltage is 12V in both, which you get in the TV very easily.
  • have separate potentiometer for different output voltage.
  • You can set the output voltage according to your need.
  • Available in the local market with very chip price according to the panel price.
  • You can get it from an online store also.

All features of CA-508 Module

ca-508 panel booster module featurs

This above infographic will help you to install this CA-508 module in your LCD LED TV.

NOTE: This panel booster does not support all the LCD LED panels, So before buying this module know about DC to DC Panel Booster and know the actual hidden features of the panel booster.

Output Voltage of CA-508 Module

  1. VGL Voltage  You can adjust according to your need through a potentiometer.
  2. VCOM Voltage You can adjust according to your need through a potentiometer.
  3. AVDD Voltage You can adjust according to your need through a potentiometer.
  4. VGH Voltage You can adjust according to your need through a potentiometer.

Watch Video on CA-508 Module

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FAQ on CA-508 Panel Booster

How to install CA-508 Panel Booster?

This is very simple to install the CA-508 panel booster module in LCD LEDTV panel. Just give input voltage in the panel booster and get output voltage like AVDD, VDD, VCOM, etc, connect all this voltage with panel PCB.

What is the Price of CA-508 Module?

You will get this CA-508 module in local market with very chip price. If you want to buy this module then you visit our online store, there you will get chip price buying link. If you need that just pay and buy the ca-508 module.

How to Install CA-508 module?

If you want to learn how to install panel booster in the LCD LED TV panel then visit our YouTube channel Dip Electronics LAB. I will make a video on this and upload on my YouTube channel for your better understanding.

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