How to check SMD components in Electronics circuit

check SMD components

Hello, guys today in this article I will tell you how to check SMD components in the electronics circuit. If you want to know the SMD components checking process read this post till the end.

All are you know the demand of SMD components in the electronics circuit. In every upgraded and upcoming PCB must use SMD components. So I decided to explain to you the checking process of SMD components.

Because If you are an Electronics technician or Electronics student even you have an interest in the electronics field, so you must have SMD components checking technique to grow yourself in the Electronics Industry. So follow the below information and learn all the things about SMD components.

Check SMD components

There are have lots of ways to check and test electronics components. But most of the time we use Multimeter to check the SMD components.

But before start testing the SMD components you have enough knowledge about basic electronics and DIP package components. Because DIP package electronics components and the SMD package components checking process are the same. So first of all know about the basic electronics DIP package components.

After that, you have to apply that process for testing. Basically most of the time we check SMD electronics components through the multimeter.

We have just set the multimeter in the continuity model mode and start checking. If you get a beep sound from the multimeter that means the components are bad except resistors and coil after connecting the multimeter probe on the SMD components leg.

Sometimes we get a beep sound from resistors during testing if that resistor is 0 Ohm. But we did not get beep sound from the good and higher value resistors.

But if we talk about Coil then you always get a beep sound from the coil during the process. If you did not get beep sound from the coil, that’s means the coil is damaged. And you have to replace that coil.

I already make a video tutorial on this topic. If you want to watch that video click here. Also, I embed that video on this post. To see that video just scroll down this page.

I hope you guys know how you can check SMD components and repair your circuit. If you have any kind of queries and questions about Chick SMD components in the circuit feel free to comment down below. I will replay to you as soon as possible. So start check SMD components.

How do you test components in a circuit board?

It is very simple to test and check SMD components in the circuit. I have written an article on this, to read that visit our site. Also, you will get a video also.

How do you check all electronic components?

Electronics components checking process is very easy. You have just know the technique about electronics components checking. If you learn and know the process of electronics components visit our site.

How do I know what SMD components I have?

It is very easy to know which SMD components you have or in your circuit have. To know about SMD components visit our site and learn everything about SMD components.

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