Difference between Smart TV and Android TV

Smart TV and Android TV

Hello guys I know you are looking for some information about Smart TV and Android TV. So read this post very carefully here I have shared complete information about Smart TV and Android TV.

All are you know about out latest TV technology Android. Some time before many TV company was introduce smart TV but now days many company launch their Android TV model.

If you decide to purchase a TV but you do decide which TV you should buy the Smart one or the Android one. To cleat this from your mind which should you buy doing read the comparison between Smart TN and Android TV which I discuss below.

Type of LED TV

There are have 3 types of LED TV. One is Standard TV, Second one is Smart TV and the last one is Smart Android TV. All the three types LED TV details information available in the below.

Standard TV

Let me introduce about Standard TV. Standard TV is a basic LED TV that is used for basic work like watching TV channels by connect antenna and Set-Top Box. Play Audio, video, and Pictures through USB Drive. Even you can connect this standard TV with your Laptop and Computer through HDMI cable and use it as a monitor.

Smart TV

Smart TV also is like Standard TV but you will get some extra features in Smart TV accordion to the Standard TV. You get all those features that I already discussed in the Standard TV explanation block. In smart TV you will get some pre-installed applications like YouTube, Hotstar, NETFLIX, and Amazon Prime. You can play all these applications by connecting the internet. But if you want to install some other application it’s showing “Application Error” or “Application is Not Support”. So if you have a good Internet connection and you don’t want to install other applications you can buy a Smart TV.

Android TV

Android TV also similar with Smart TV but in Android TV you will get lots of extra features that I going to discuss.

In an Android TV you will get all those features that I discuss in Standard TV and Smart TV. But in an Android TV, you will get in An Android TV which you did not get in a Smart TV and A Standard TV.

In an Android TV have pre-installed application YouTube, Hotstar, NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, etc. The big advantage is you can get Google Play Store in an Android Tv which you did not get on a Smart TV. By using this Google Play Store you can download and install extra Applications and Games.

Other then this in an Android TV you will get Smart Assistant feature. By using this feature you can control your TV through your voice command. TV control means you can do change channels, Increase and Decrease volume level, Close you applications and many more.

As well as you can get Google Chromecast feature in and Android TV. If you want to connect your Mobile with your TV and cast your screen, You can do this very easily on an Android TV.

The last advantage is an Android TV is you will get update frequently all the latest features very long time.

Smart TV and Android TV Comparison

Now I am going to discuss between Smart TV and Android TV which should you buy. I have already make a video on this topic and published on my YouTube Channel. If you want to watch that video click here.

Smart TV and Android TV is the most popular TV in the market at this time. For you help to purchase a TV which should buy Smart TV and Android TV follow the below table.

Smart TV vs Android TV

SL NOSmart TVAndroid TV
1Only access pre installed applicationsYou can install other applications from official google play store
2No smart assistant feature available in this TVHigh level smart assistant feature available in this TV
3Google Chrome Cast Feature not available in this TVEvery Android TV have Google Chrome Cast Feature
4You did not get update frequentlyIn Android TV you will get latest features update frequently.

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