How to Repair TV Standby Mode

How to Repair TV Standby Mode

LCD LED TV Standby problem
TV Standby Problem Repairing

Hi guys welcome back to my channel. Myself Dipankar and I’m a professional electronics technician. I work in electronics repairing field past 3 years.

Today here in this article I will tell you, How you can repair any LCD LED and CRT TV standby problem easily. Before I started to discuss about How to Repair TV standby mode, I would like to tell you to click here and watch my video contain on YouTube.

Standby problem is the major problem in LCD, LED, and CRT TV. You can get every LCD LED and CRT TV many times. I already upload 2 Videos about Standby problem repairing video on my YouTube channel. So if you want to see those videos then go to YouTube and search Dip Electronics LAB after that open LCD LED TV repairing playlist after open you will get that video also you will get all my LCD LED TV repairing video and I hope you will enjoy it.

What is TV Standby Mode Problem?

Standby power is electrical power, that power when a device consumes the power when the device is not used. But connected with the power source and ready to use that device. Standby power consumption is the amount of such electric power that is used before the device fully used and running condition.

When we get a TV Standby Mode Problem?

This kind of problem we get every type of Television like LCD, LED and CRT TV.

Standby problem is the common problem in the LCD LED tv also we face this type of standby problem in smart tv bur reason is the same as this problem.

  when a TV plunged with the power source and press the power button on TV also press from Remote that TV and we did not get any response from TV but still glowing RED indicator on tv that means our TV remains in standby.

How to Repair TV Standby Mode

Step 1: (For Remote) If you use remote for releasing standby problem of your TV and can’t open the TV and also not release from standby mode, then check the remote and try again after fixing the remote. Your TV will be release from TV standby Mode. If not follow the next step.

Step 2: (For TV power Button) If your problem is not solved using Remote then try using your TV power button. Press the power button for the 5 to 10 seconds then release the power key, your TV will be release from standby. If your TV is not resolved with these tips then try 3rd step.

Step 3: In this step, you have to open your TV and measure all the common voltages which are present in the TV motherboard. I discuss in below which voltage you have to check.

i. 12V and 5V  for mainboard Supply Voltage

ii. 3.3V for main IC

iii. Another 3.3V for Programming (Bios) IC

iv. RAM voltage according to your RAM Generation, 2.5V for DDR, 1.8V for DDR2, 1.2V for DDR3.

v. 5V for release from TV Standby mode. 

Step 4: In Your Television IF you get all voltages which mention in step 3 then you have to flash main BIOS and you have to program eMMC IC according to your TV motherboard number. If you want to download the main BIOS then click here.

Step 5: After installing the bios and flash the programming eMMC IC, your TV is not ready for use and can’t release from standby mode, you have to replace the main IC from your mainboard.

Step 6: After applying all the above processes step by step, If you TV still in TV standby mode. First of all, you have to change the Power supply and after that main motherboard.


All the above information is my own experience, All this information I achieve from my 3 years of fieldwork. I complete my 3 years LCD LED and all electronics gadgets repairing course and now I shared this experience with all of you.

Safety Tips!

If you don’t have knowledge about electronics and TV repairing then don’t try it yourself. First of all learn about the LCD LED TV repairing technique then you have to fix it by yourself. So If you want to repair the TV standby problem before learn how to fix the standby problem and during repair field work, unfortunately, something happens wrong with your device then you will be responsible for that.

You can visit My YouTube channel to learn electronics repairing work with practically.

Thank You

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  3. Nice n step by step procedure for stand by problem.

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