LCD LED Repairing guide Ebook in English

LCD LED Repairing guide Ebook in English

Hello and welcome guys today, in this post I will tell you about the LCD LED Repairing guide Ebook in English. After published the LCD LED Repairing guide Ebook in Hindi version, we get lots of requests from the audience to make this ebook in English also.

Finally, today I am going to introduce you LCD LED Repairing guide Ebook in English. In the below of this block I have explained everything about this English ebook, what is the price is, and what kind of information you will get inside this LCD-led tv repairing English ebook.

I have created this e-book for those who want to upgrade themselves from CRT TV to LCD LED TV. Here you will also get to know about the common problems of LCD/LED TV that you will face along with their repairing process.

Index of this Ebook

1.Section Identification Of LCD/LED – 5

2. Types Analysis Of Power Supply – 9

3. Identification Of All IC Used In LCD/LED TV – 18

4. Description Of Every Voltage Of Main IC – 32

5. Full Information About Backlight – 35

6. Uses And Repairing Process Of Inverter & Driver – 36

7. Explanation Of All Panel Voltage with Details – 44

8. Repairing Process Of Panel – 48

9. Correction Process Of COF IC – 63

10. Full Detailed Information About LCD/LED Software – 65

11. Software Installation Process In LCD/LED TV – 66

12. Process Of Installing Universal Board In LCD/LED TV – 68

13. Process Of Downloading All Types Of Data Sheet – 71

14. Process Of Connecting LVDS Cable Connection – 72

15. Full Information About Finding Software – 75

16. Process of fixing standby troubleshoot – 79

17. Process Of Fixing Sound Related Issues In LCD/LED TV-78

18. Causes Of IC Overheating – 80

19. LCD/LED Repairing Common Tools – 81

20. Links Of Some Necessary Items – 87

21. How To Match And Download TV Software? – 90

22. LED TV Power Supply Repairing Step By Step – 92

23. Analysis Of Most Common Problems OF LCD LED TV – 101

Whatever information has been given inside this e-book is all my past 3 years of experience which I am sharing with you through this LCD LED Repairing Guide EBook In English.

Some Pictures of LCD LED Repairing guide Ebook in English

lcd led tv repairing English boop pdf
First Page
tv repairing guide pdf
2nd Page
dip electronics ebook
First Chapter

Total Value of This E-Book: ₹999

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FAQ of LCD LED Repairing Guide EBook In English

How many pages are there in this ebook?

There are a total of 110 pages inside this ebook, which on every page you will get to learn new things.

I don’t know anything about LCD/LED. It Would be worth for me to taking this ebook?

Yes, this e-book will be very beneficial for you. This book has been specially made for those people, who want to do work from the beginning and those who want to upgrade themselves from CRT TV to LCD/LED.

How do I get this ebook?

When your payment is complete, after that you will get the option to download this ebook.

To buy our LCD LED Repairing Guide Ebook in Hindi just click on the below button.

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