LCD LED TV Panel Lining Problem Solving Process

lcd led panel lining problem
Panel Lining Problem

LCD LED Lining problem we get on the panel. In LCD LED panel lining problem-solving process have two way which I discuss in this article. If you want to learn and want to fix your lining problem read this article till the end.

There are two types of lining problems we get in the LCD led panel. One is a Horizontal line and another is Vertical line. I will explain these two problem separately.

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Now I am going to discuss about Horizontal and Vertical Lining problem with solution process

Horizontal Lining:

led panel horizontal lining
Horizontal problem

As you can see the problem of horizontal lining inside LCD LED PANEL. This is the problem which I am gonna tell you about the actual repairing process of this problem.

Before discuss about repairing process know about, How we can get this panel lining problem? This problem we get for VGL voltage missing and for COF IC lose or overheating problem.

Horizontal Lining Problem Solution: If you get this type of problem in your tv pane or you are a technician follow the below steps.

First Step: Open your panel and place your working is where you are repair panel.

Second Step: Check all the common voltages inside panel scalar PCB. If you do not know about common panel voltage click here and know about panel voltages.

Third Step: If you get any voltage missing in the panel PCB then arrange to provide that voltage but if you get all voltages properly follow step 4.

Fourth Step: Now check the main COF IC voltages. This means which COF IC connected with panel and panel PCB Together.

Fifth step: If you get COF IC abnormal or get any voltage missing specifically VGH voltage. You have to provide that voltage through modification (Jumper).

That’s It.

Vertical Lining

vertical lining in led panel

The problem which you can see in the above picture. this problem we called the Vertical lining panel problem. If you want to repair this problem you have to follow the horizontal lining problem solution First, Second and Third step after that follow the below steps.

Fourth Step: Now you have to check side COF IC. The process is the same First check the all common voltage inside COF IC checking are.

Fifth Step: If you get any voltage missing the same way do modification and provide that voltage according to the Datasheet. Click here to get the COF IC datasheet.

Information for You: If in your panel or panel COF IC have physical damage, It is not possible to repair the problem. But if you have only COF IC physical damage then you have to bond your panel.

Disclaimer: If you do not have any kind of repairing experience do not do this job at your home or in your shop. If you get any damage while doing this job, you will be responsible for that.

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  1. Hi
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  2. Hello sir
    I’m Pralhad Engineer(B E ELECTRICAL)
    I have 32 INCH 32FS600D panasonic Smart LED TV
    Having problem of vertical curved pink color band appear on Screen 2.5″ away from Left side of panel
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