TDA2030 Audio Kit Wiring Full Details Step by Step

TDA2030 Audio Kit Wiring Full Details Step by Step

Hello, guys today here in this post I will tell you the TDA2030 Audio Kit Wiring Full Details. So if you looking for a TDA2030 amplifier kit connection diagram, this is the right place for you.

here I will explain to you all the things step by step in detail. Also, I will give you the connection visuals through the circuit diagram.

After reading this full article you will be able to connect all types of TDA2030 amplifier kin in any sound system. Just you have to follow the below instruction step by step. If you getting any doubt during the connection just comment down below, I will replay o you within 2 days.

TDA2030 Audio Kit Wiring

TDA2030 Audio Kit Wiring Full Details Step by Step

According to the above picture, I will explain to you the connection of TDA2030 Amplifier kin in any sound system, such as 2.1 Home theater, 4.1 Home theater, etc.

First Step: Power Supply Connection

tda2030 kit Power Supply Connection

In the first step, you have to connect the power supply with the TDA2030 Amplifier kit. For this, you need a minimum 2A 12-0-12 Step Down transformer which you have to connect 12-0-12 points in the PCB. I have shown you in the above picture where you have to connect the 12-0-12 transformer. Just connect the 12-0-12 transformer as it is in the PCB.

Second Step: Woofer Speaker

tda2030 kit woofer connection

In the second step, I will tell you and show you through the picture visuals, where you have to connect the Woofer speaker. The many TDA2030 audion kits have print the woofer connection indication by print the letter or text. But in the many TDA2030 PCB we did not get the indication of woofer connection. For the woofer connection, you have to connect the 2pole. To better understanding of woofer connection just see the above picture.

Third Step: External Speaker Connection

external speaker connection od tda2030 kit

In this third step, I will tell you the connection of external speakers connections. For the external speaker connection, we will get only 3 points to connect the 2 to 4 external speakers. To connect the 2 external speakers you have to connect one left side and one right side and the center one is the common ground. And if you want to connect 4 external speakers you have to connect those 4 external speakers in parallel. Two for Left and two for Right and the ground one is always common. For better understanding see the above picture.

Fourth Step: BASS Controller Connection

tda2030 bass controller connection

In the fourth step, I will tell you how to connect the BASS controller to the TDA2030 audio kit wiring. this is very easy to wiring the BASS controller in TDA2030 audio kit wiring. Just you need 3 legs 50k potentiometer and connect with the bass control connection point in the PCB. For your better understanding, I have made a picture of the Bass controller connection, which I have attached above of this block. Scroll up and see that picture.

Fifth Step: Volume and Audio Input Connection

tda2030 volume and Bluetooth connection
tda2030 volume diagram

this is the most important TDA2030 Audio Kit Wiring tutorial. because this is the most difficult step of the entire TDA2030 amplifier connection.

First of all, you need a 100k 6legs potentiometer which we will use for Master volume. Now you have to connect each other of 6legs potentiometer 3no legs and 4no legs for Ground connection according to the above picture.

After that 2No legs and the 5no legs, we will use for the Left and Right audio input connection in the TDA2030 Audio kit.

Now we have to connect 1no pin and 6no pin as Left and Right input connection from the AUX cable or from the Bluetooth kit.

After doing all these things our job is done for TDA2030 Audio Kit Wiring. I have attached 2 pictures in the fifth step for your better understanding.

So this is the full information on TDA2030 Audio Kit Wiring. Still, if you have any questions and queries on your mind just comment down below I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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