How to Convert Monitor into LED TV full guide

make led tv using monitor

Hello, guys today in this post I will guide you, How you can Convert monitor into LED TVs. If you want to convert your monitor into a led tv this post is for you.

To make a led tv using a monitor you need to know about the led tv parts and also you have to know how you can get all the parts. Don’t worry I will tell you everything here. Where you will get all the parts to make a LED Tv using a monitor.

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List of Materials to Convert Monitor Into LED TV

SL NoPartsBuy Link
1Universal MotherboardBUY
2Universal LVDS CableBUY
3Backlight DriverBUY
4Power Supply/ Power AdapterBUY
5Plastic BoxBUY
  • Universal Motehrboard: To make a LED TV using a Monitor you need a universal LED TV motehrboard, which is the main parts of the led tv. Vs.t56U11.2 is the best motherboard for this job. You can  Buy this motherboard from our online store with very cheap price.
  • Universal LVDS Cable: This is also a very commone parts for making a LED TV using a monitor. Actually this Universal LVDS cable help you to connect your panel with universal motherboard. You have to purchase a LVDS cable according to the panel data. Every panel have different data, so first of al;l check your panel data and buy a LVDS cable according to your panel for Convert Monitor into LED TV.

  • Backlight Driver: This Backlight driver need to drive the backlight o the panel. If you have LCD monitor the you need to buy a backlight inverter. Buy if you have a LED monitor you need to buy a backlight driver. All in One backlight driver is the best for convert monitor into LED TV. You will get all these material from our online store.
  • Power Supply/ Power Adapter: To make a LED TV you need a power supply also. If you want the best performance from you LED TV then Power Adapter is the better then the Power Supply. Because in the power supply section have inbuield backlight driver section, if you install power supply in your Tv then you do not need to install a seperate backlight driever. For this inbuild driver section total load carry by the power supply.

And if you install a backlight driver and use a power adapter, the load will divided seperately. And you will get best performance from your TV.

  • Plastic Box: Plastic Box is not mandatory to make a LED TV using a Monitor. This box only use for cover the main universal motherboard. If you do not have space inside the monitor to install VS.T56U11.2 motherboard, then you can use this plastic box outside the monitor for Convert Monitor into LED TV.
  • Speakers: Speaker use yse for the sound output. If you have a Home Theater and connect with the TV then you do not need to install the Speaker. But if you want feel like a LED TV the y7ou must have to install this speaker inside your Monitor Tv.

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FAQ of Convert Monitor into LED TV

How can I turn my monitor into a TV?

To turn a monitor into a TV you have to follow all the above information, where I have explained everything about this topic. You just need to buy all the materials and assembled them inside your monitor.

How can I turn my monitor into a TV without a TV tuner?

You just need a Universal Tv motherboard and required materials and assembled them inside your monitor, that’s it. Even you can use an Android Tv box to do this job.

Can you turn a computer monitor into a TV?

It is very simple to turn a computer monitor into a TV. You just need a conversion kit. I have explained all about the Monitor into the LED TV conversion kit in the above blocks. Just read that information very carefully and follow step by step in your monitor. teem

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