Gold-27E power supply module All Details With Circuit

HHi guys in this post I will tell you about Gold-27E Power Supply Module which has 12v and 24v secondary output voltage for PSU modification. this module will help you to repair the 12v and 24V output SMPS power supply very easily.

If you get any failure in SMPS Power Supply primary section, you can repair that section with this Gold-27E power supply module.

Gold-27E is a universal Power supply module like a 5-24 power module. But this module has more potential to work higher watt and load. This module has 9N90C MOSFET which is used to work with 900v and 9A capacity. You can use this module to fix primary section modifications. To know more about this module follow below instruction

Gold-27E power supply module All Details With Circuit

Gold-27E power supply module Features

  • Gold-27E
  • PSU Module
  • Use 9N90C MOSFET
  • 5 Wire
  • Easy to install
  • Chip Price
  • Best Performance

Connection of Gold-27E power supply module

power supply module connection

  • First install a 220 Ohm and AN4007 Diode between +300v and +12v to +18v output capacitor point. Afterv that connect all the 5wires accordint to the below instruction.
  • RED Wire connect on MOSFET drain pin.
  • WHITE WIre connect with 12v to 18v point
  • BLACK Wire connect with MOSFET Ground pin.
  • YELLOW Wire connect with Main Output Capacitor Positive (+) point (You have to join Two jumper for 12V and 24V output)
  • BLUE Wire connect with Main Output Capacitor Negetive (-) point.

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FAQ of Gold-27E power supply module

Gold 27e module pdf

You will get all the information about how to install and what is the main features of the Gold-27E str module. Just you have to read this post very carefully and you can watch our video also.

Gold 27e module connection

It is very easy to install the Gold-27e str power module. In this post, I have separately written a subheading where you will get the Gold 27e module connection diagram and details.

Best Power Supply module for 12v and 24v Output PSU

yes, this is the best power supply module that you can use in any 12v and 24v output SMPS section to modify the primary section.

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