MV59-N01 V1.3 Software Download For Free

MV59-N01 V1.3 Software Download For Free

Hello and welcome you all back to this website where you can get most of the firmware and software downloading links for free with the latest updates. Today’s post is particularly about the link for downloading MV59-N01 V1.3 software.

You can also read further details about MV59-N01 V1.3 board features and specifications for a better understanding before downloading. Once you read these, then you can scroll more and finally know the steps that you have to follow for downloading MV59-N01 V1.3 software for free of cost.

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Now let’s see the details of the MV59-N01 V1.3 software and the step-by-step downloading process by which you can get this MV59-N01 V1.3 Software for free.

MV59-N01 V1.3 Board Features

Type: Universal LCD LED TV Board

Model Name: MV59-N01 V1.3

Nature: Universal motherboard

Connectivity: HDMI, USB

AV Input: Yes

VGA Input: Yes

RF Input: Yes

Normal TV Operating  System: OS  

Built-in WiFi: Not Specified

4k Support: Not Specified

USB Support Update: Supported

MV59-N01 V1.3 Specifications

Type: Universal LED LCD Motherboard

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels

Panel Voltage: 3.3 v / 5 v / 12 v (Jumper Setting)

Audio Output: 6 W

OSD Language: Multi

Standby Power: <0.2 W (motherboard only)

MV59-N01 V1.3 Software Downloading Process

Start the process of downloading MV59-N01 V1.3 software by scrolling below and clicking on the Download Software button.

Now you will see a new option of a Final Downloading button on which you have to click to continue the downloading process.

As you will click, your MV59-N01 V1.3 software will start downloading in your required system.

Finally, to complete this downloading process, you have to extract the file .bin file which is a supported file of LCD LED TV motherboard.

To know the extracting process click here and know the process of How to extract the zip file.

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