How to Replace LED TV Backlight at home

Replace LED TV Backlight

This post is about How to Replace LED TV Backlight and repair your TV. I will describe in detail the process to replace and install LED TV Backlight on your TV.

I have already written how you can repair LED TV backlight and backlight strips. I will provide link in the below of this post.

LED TV Backlight is a significant part of all LED TV because LED TV backlight will help to visible panel graphics. Which we see on the panel as picture. So if you do not see the picture and in LED TV and find a backlight problem and you want to replace them follow the below steps.

Replace LED TV Backlight

There have only two way to fix and replace LED TV backlight and repair your LED TV. One is changing entire LED strip and another is change single LED. I will discuss both ways with simple words. just follow the below steps.

  1. How To change whole and entire LED TV Backlight strip: If you want to follow this this step to replace your LED TV Backlight, you have to pay higher amount of money. Because in this way you have to replace whole strip which bis getting damage or not work.

tv Backlight Repairing

So, first of all, check your LED TV backlight LED Strip’s number of LEDs, size, and voltage. After that place a new LED Backlight strip.

In this way, you can replace your LED TV backlight strip very easily. but if you do not want to invest much money and you have enough time to repair and replace LED TV backlight, follow the 2nd step.

Watch This Video: Backlight Replacing Practical Video

2. How to Replace Single LED from LED TV Backlight Strip: Now if you want to replace a single LED from the backlight strip, you have to do all these things.

led backlight replacing

First check all the led and identify the bad one. After identifying bad LEDs from the LED strip remove that LED s and place a new LED in the same place.

Before place, the new LED make sure your LED’s voltage and amp are the same or not. If you place different values LED your backlight will not work or stop working backlight after some time. So check the voltage and ampere before place on the backlight strip.

Watch Video Tutorial: How to Replace Single LED from LED TV Backlight strip

Note: All the above information is my own experience which I learn from more than 3 years of LCD LED repairing work. So before apply these read the information very carefully. dip Electronics LAB will not responsible for any kind of damage or loss.

FAQs: About LED TV Backlight Repairing

How much does it cost to replace LED backlight?

It depends on your backlight strips. But most of the time we charge for backlight repairing ₹2000 to ₹2500 in India. This Backlight Repairing cost for 32 inch LED TV.

Can you fix the backlight on a TV?

Yes almost every LCD LED professional technician like me can fix the TV backlight very easily. You can read and watch our backlight repairing post and video.

How do I check the backlight on my LED TV?

This is very simple If you are a Technician If not read our articles and know how to check LCD LED TV backlight by yourself.

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