How to Install Software in Smart TV

Install Software in Smart TV
Android TV

Hay you are looking How to install software in smart TV ? If you are, read this article. Here I am going to discuss how you can install the software on the smart TV in a very different way.

There are have many different processes to install the software on smart android TV. I have already posted many video footage on my YouTube channel. If you want to watch those videos click here and learn. Also, you can read my repairing article by clicking here.

Two things you need to put the software inside the TV. One is Software file which is also called firmware or flash file and another is a system with the programmer. Install Software in Smart TV Process.

How to Install Software

Let’s start discussing how to install software in smart TV. Read all the below steps very carefully and install software in android TV by yourself.

There are have two different way to install software in android TV. First one is using PEN Drive, Second one is using BIOS Programmer.

How to Install software in Android TV using Pen Drive

This is the first and simple step to install software in Smart and Android TV. If you want to install the software in android TV first of all download and collect the software according to your TV. And put that software in the empty Pen drive. Make sure your Pen Drive should be at least 8 GB. Because android software size would have big and more data in flash files. 

Copy the TV flash file and past in the empty pen drive. After pest, the software flash file connect that pen drive with TV. After connecting the Pen Drive do power on of your TV. and after ON the power of TV your TV automatically start updating. Install Software in Smart TV.

And the second step is to do the same thing in which you read the upper block and release your TV from stand by. This step work when your TV is Ok but you want to upgrade your TV. But if your tv not release from standby follow upper passage. Install Software in Smart TV.

How to Install software in Android TV using Programmer

If you want to install the software in Smart android TV using a programmer then you must have a high power programmer. Which programmer do able to execute the bigger TV file like 236 MB minimum file size. I personally used the RT809H programmer for software installation on a smart TV.

If you want to see the practical video on this topic click here and watch my video tutorial on YouTube.

Only 4 wire will do connection between programmer and android motherboard EMMC IC. Those 4 connections is that GND, CLK, CMD, and DO. Connect these 4 connections with your RT809H programmer and flash the software or flash file very easily. Install Software in Smart TV.

Tips for You: Before you do this process read all the information very carefully. Also you can also check out my YouTube video tutorials. And If you getting confused anywhere comment down below or send me feedback or send me a message on social media. I will replay to you as soon as possible.

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